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Jenna Dixon



Meet Jenna

Jenna is a passionate landscape and adventure photographer based in the Canadian Rockies. She is fiercely dedicated to capturing remote, cold weather and mountainous regions to showcase the rawness and beauty of natures elements. With a focus in storytelling, Jenna loves to combine the written word to enhance the visual experience, bringing her viewer into the journey.

You can find Jenna's work with Canadian Tourism boards, including Travel Yukon and Tourism Vancouver Island, as well as a number of commercial brands and publications.

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+  Travel, lifestyle and adventure photography/filmaking

+  Content creation

+  Image Licensing

+  Ambassadorships

+  Blog posts and reviews

+  Commissioned Prints

+  Influencer Marketing 

I was always in love with the outdoors, but it wasn't until moving to the mountains that I realized my passion for raw, remote and rugged landscapes. Originally from Manitoba, I moved to the Canadian Rockies with my camera in tow, and have since logged thousands of kms trekking through the backcountry of numerous national parks from Alberta to the Yukon. These experiences have left me grounded and appreciative of Canada's natural beauty in which I hope to share through this page and through the work we do together.

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