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I was always in love with the outdoors, but it wasn't until moving to the mountains that I realized my passion for raw, remote and rugged landscapes. Originally from Manitoba, I moved to the Canadian Rockies with my camera in tow, and have since logged thousands of kms trekking through the backcountry of numerous national parks from Alberta to the Yukon. These experiences have left me grounded and appreciative of Canada's natural beauty in which I hope to share through this page and through the work we do together.

Let Me Help Bring Your Vision To Life

Working Together

With the Canadian Rockies as a stunning backdrop, theres no adventure too grand.


As an adventure and travel photographer, expedition style exploration is the best way to get off the beaten path and into the rawness of nature.  It is my goal to capture the unique and captivating stories of individuals that love to venture farther and push their limits in the outdoors. 


As a lifestyle photographer location is almost as important as the story itself.  Over the last 3 years, I have dedicated countless research and exploration in discovering the perfect places to showcase your brand.

I strive to capture real moments, people and places amidst the journey, telling the story as it unfolds from behind the lens.

I look forward to future collaborations and sharing your unique story with the world





Tel: 1-204-761-5302

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